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Gitterpicker String Factory

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Founded on November 1, 2003, the GitterPicker String Factory set out with one goal in mind - establish a quality music store that provides quality products and services to musicians at all levels. When you purchase a stringed instrument from the GitterPicker String Factory you are purchasing an assurance of quality.  Each instrumented is thoroughly inspected, adjusted, and upgraded prior to being sold.  This includes the $200 guitars too.

The GitterPicker String Factory is a musician’s music store. Providing high quality instruments by today's top manufacturers such as Fender, Crafter, Maton, Cort, GoldTone, MasterWorks, Folkcraft and McSpadden, we are geared to provide outstanding service and products to our musician friends as well as beginners.

GitterPicker String Factory also offers instrument lessons and repairs; buys used instruments and sells on consignment.

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